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Educational Panels – Coming this Spring

Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation, in cooperation with the Missouri Humanities Council, is pleased to announce the dedication of six educational panels that commemorate important events and landmarks in Civil War history.  The panels are funded by local trusts,...
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The Skull on Troublesome Creek

In northeast Missouri, angling from north to southeast in Knox, Lewis and Marion counties, is a stream known as Troublesome Creek. In 1877, a farmer walking the banks of the creek east of the town of Newark found a human skull. Many years later, in the 1990s in fact, a reporter...
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Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation and The U.S. Grant Trail are excited to announce the arrival of new site markers. These metal markers, which feature the U.S. Grant Trail logo, are intended to highlight official stops designated on the U.S. Grant Trail.   Father...
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The Age of Grant Begins!

With the Civil War’s Sesquicentennial drawing to a close with the anniversary of Appomattox on April 9th, we enter what we at Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation like to call the “Age of Grant.” Following Ulysses S. Grant’s successful military career during the Civil War, we...
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U.S. Grant – Friends With Foes

A remembrance for the 191st anniversary of the birth of Ulysses S. Grant: Grant’s strengths and his faults have been debated for well over a century.  I can relate two little known incidents that illustrate what was, simultaneously, his most disarming and undoing personal trait. ...
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A Cemetery in Hannibal

When first I heard that Hannibal’s Old Baptist Cemetery has graves of two veterans of the 55th Massachusetts Volunteer Infantry, I thought to myself, here are men who transplanted themselves to Missouri after the Civil War.  Peel back the pages of history, though, and what is...
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I’d Rather Have That Eagle…(Part 2 of 2)

Part 1 describes the 8th Wisconsin Infantry’s entry into the State of Missouri in October, 1861, with their eagle mascot, “Old Abe.”  Old Abe heard the sounds of battle the first time at Fredericktown, Missouri, on October 21, 1861. The Wisconsin men left Missouri for Cairo,...
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I’d Rather Have That Eagle…(Part 1 of 2)

The most famous Civil War mascot was a young eagle from Wisconsin.  “Old Abe,” as he was known by the men of the 8th The Wisconsin boys joined up in northern Wisconsin; they trained in Madison and moved to Chicago as they prepared to enter the war.  Their young eagle – seemingly...
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1861 – Missouri is the Seat of War

Not surprisingly, most battles or engagements of the war’s first year occurred in the border states of West Virginia, Kentucky and Missouri. In fact, except for several actions in the northern portion of Virginia, all of the principal battles of 1861 occurred in these three...
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