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Missouri's Civl War Heritage Foundation was created in 2001 for the purpose of bringing attention to Missouri's vast Civil War resources, and promoting the state's full participation in the Civil War Sesquicentennial. We are a member-based organization, governed by a three person Board of Directors, and a IRC 501(c)(3) qualified non-profit corporation. The mission of the Foundation is:

"To harness the energy of history-minded citizens motivated by notions of rational economic development; to enhance and expand resources such as battlefields, museums and historic structures that attract cultural visitors to Civil War themes; to foster, state-wide, a consistent and accurate presentation of factors that uniquely characterize Missouri's Civl War; to educate, and to inspire a sense of community, common experience, and pride of place, without regard to region, race, gender or cultural ancestry."

The Mission is illustrated by the Foundation's activities:

Site Interpretation

Working with communities, non-profits and companies across Missouri, we have designed and erected more than thirty educational panels. These distinctive panels have created and enhanced tourist destinations across the state. Often a source of civic pride and engagement, MCWHF educational panels are also a cost-efficient way to remember important cultural sites, such as undeveloped battlefields, which might otherwise be lost to community memory and future generations.

Tourism Development

In 2011, we introduced Missouri’s Civil War Trails, a comprehensive region-based mapping and tourism fulfillment project modeled after a very successful program launched by Virginia in 1992. Thousands of potential travelers, with self-identified interest in Civil War themes, have requested and received hard-copy literature through this program. Thousands more regularly visit, now established as the leading place on the web where people go to learn about Missouri’s Civil War.

Education and Preservation

Our principal venture into education is the program we have developed in partnership with The American Institute of Battlefield Archaeology. AIBA is a trade name controlled by members of our Board of Directors. Seven archeological surveys have been conducted on Missouri battlefields, with more to come. Students from four colleges and universities have shared the experience with world-class archeologist. We are preparing to expand to publishing historical and archeological material for Secondary and Higher Ed students.