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Missouri’s Civil War Trails is a comprehensive region-based marketing initiative, for which Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation is the lead partner. The initiative draws on the example of successful Civil War travel programs in Virginia, Maryland, North Carolina, West Virginia and Tennessee. Missouri’s Civil War Trails combines high quality regional maps with internet marketing and fulfillment services through a partnership with the national website CivilWarTraveler. Missouri’s Civil War Trails currently consists of the Gray Ghosts Trail™ and the U. S. Grant Trail™.

Navigate this page to learn how you can order travel literature from Missouri’s Civil War Heritage Foundation and its partner communities and historic sites. Each active Trail segment has a Trail Guide with regional map and accompanying attractions description and driving instructions. Printable images (.pdf format) of the front side of each Trail Guide (the regional maps) are accessible at the right side of this page. Explore the other resources on this page to learn why Missouri is the number one Civil War vacation destination in the Midwest.

Gray Ghosts Trail

Click Here to explore the Gray Ghosts Trail

U.S. Grant Trail

Click Here to explore the US Grant Trail

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