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Hanging Judge of Andersonville



              For the last 35 years of his life, Pete McCullough lived quietly in Mexico, Missouri. However, he will be forever known for his decision made long before he moved to Missouri. Called the “Hanging Judge of Andersonville” McCullough gained national notoriety. Joining the 8th Missouri Infantry in June of 1861, McCullough, Big Pete as he was known, was captured by confederates in July of 1863 and sent to the POW camp in Andersonville, Ga. As the confederate prison became overcrowded, Union soldiers began thieving from each other and many other acts. The authorities allowed Union prisoners to form their own courts to deal with the behavior. McCullough was elected a judge in these military courts. One of the trials he presided over was a murder case. For two days he heard the prosecution’s and the defense’s arguments regarding the six accused men. They were found guilty and hanged for their crime.

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