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Northwest Missouri Civil War Experience

MO_0074_showMissouri’s past during the Civil War was very divided and the state was 3rd in having the most battles during the war.  Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast has created an awesome website dedicated to the history of the Civil War in the Pony Express Region of the state: Northwest Missouri Civil War Excursions. The site has plenty of places to visit. Use this site as a self guided Civil War Itinerary while lodging at Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast in St Joseph Missouri. While sitting on the porch of this property enjoying a glass of wine or a shot of good brandy, you will be able to enjoy the breathtaking view Civil War Union soldiers used for lookouts to watch for gunboats along the Missouri River during the War. The hill and property line Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast is on was at one time a strategic vantage point for observation of the river and the entire central part of the city of St Joseph. Attached is a drawing from 1861 before the war began of the vantage point area. The drawing was drawn from a corner one block behind Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast’s property line. The position is angled down, putting the actual property line to the upper right hand corner of the drawing. Also attached is a picture of a genuine Civil War cannon in Patee House Museum. The Patee House was headquarters in St Joseph to Union soldiers during the Civil War. While there were no Civil War battles fought in St Joseph, the city was heavily divided and many “skirmishes” developed including the famous “flag incident” involving the St Joseph postmaster during that time. The rest of this story can be told at the
The Pony Express Museum also in St. Joseph. There is a room in this museum that has a full wall painting illustrating this particular incident and it is well worth seeing.   Museum Hill Bed and Breakfast is a proud business partner of the Missouri Civil War Heritage Foundation.

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