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Battle of Boonville (1st)

Also known as the “Boonville Races,” this small battle on June 17, 1861 was one of the Civil War’s first.

Battle of Island No. 10

Union forces commanded by John Pope, including a flotilla of ironclads under the command of Adm. Andrew Foote, captured the Confederate stronghold of Island No. 10 (several miles southeast of New Madrid) on April 8, 1862. The battle site has been obliterated by the meanderings of...

Battle of Carthage

The first major land battle of the Civil War, July 5, 1861, began several miles north of Carthage, and concluded in the city proper. Colonel Franz Sigel conducted a masterful retreat in the face of advancing Missouri State Guard troops who fought their first battle like veterans.

Battle of Pilot Knob

“The Thermopylae of the West,” so named in a definitive study published in 1914, was fought on September 26-27, 1864. The battle ended with a ferocious and unsuccessful Confederate assault on Fort Davidson. (See Fort Davidson SHS)

Battle of Centralia

The Battle of Centralia was fought on September 27, 1864, in a field 2 miles southeast of the town. Southern Partisans commanded by “Bloody Bill” Anderson met and destroyed a Union force under Maj. A.V.E. Johnson. The battle site is accessible to the public thanks to...

John Campbell Handly Gravesite Dedication

Warrensburg, MO ……The decendents of Lafayette County Pioneer John Campbell Handly invite the public to the gravesite Dedication recognizing his Civil War military service. The Dedication will take place September 8, 2013 in at 3:00 P.M. the Zion Hill Cemetery on Route YY in...

Year: 1864

The final full year of combat in Missouri mirrored the previous two twelve-month cycles. From January through August small skirmishes and guerilla activity unsettled the state. It appeared that Missouri would be spared any major conflicts, but in late summer Confederate General...

Year: 1863

The early months of 1863 were characterized by small engagements throughout the state. One such action was Colonel John S. Marmaduke’s first raid in to the southern portion of the state. These mounted raids were designed to strike Federal outposts, recruit and acquire new...

Year: 1862

In January General Samuel Curtis formed the Army of the Southwest in Rolla, and launched a winter campaign to push Gen. Price’s command from southwest Missouri. By mid-February the Federals forced the Southerners into the Boston Mountains of Arkansas. The Confederates...