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Battle of Boonville (4th)

Confederates entered and left Boonville in mid-October of 1864 with few skirmishes while being tracked by Union forces. This was the last time the fleeing Confederate forces would pillage the town.

Battle of Boonville (3rd)

General Joseph Shelby’s forces attacked Union troops on October 11, 1863. When Union General Brown arrived the next day, Shelby retreated west.

Battle of Boonville (2nd)

Colonel William Brown led an attack with 800 men on Sept 13, 1861 which would cost him and his brother their lives. The Boonville Home Guard defended the town as troops retreated to Lexington.

Battle of Boonville (1st)

Also known as the “Boonville Races,” this small battle on June 17, 1861 was one of the Civil War’s first.